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At FGIPL we are manufacturing customized capacitive and resistive keypads by synchronizing the keypad with the existing equipment/ motherboard. We also specialize in developing a complete controller along with capacitive touch technology. Capacitive Touch sense keypad is a technology that is an alternate / substitute for conventional tactile/non-tactile keypads. Witha sealed and modern-looking design,it has no mechanical moving components which enhances the life of keypads and customers' usage experience. Expanding beyond the smartphone market, touch sensing is beginning to take hold in health, industrial, consumer durable goods, and automotive interior & aesthetics.

A capacitive Switch essentially is a set of adjacent plates. Small edge-to-edge capacitance exists, the intention for the switch layout is always to minimize the capacitance between these dishes. Whenever an item that is a conductive figure is positioned in distance towards the two dishes, there exists a capacitance between one electrode, therefore, the item that is conducive has an identical capacitance involving the conductive item in addition to the other electrode.

Many kinds that are common switch range is just a pair of capacitors where one side of each is grounded. Thus the capacitor is certainly active on one accessible side; the switch is a grounded variable capacitor. The presence of this conductive object escalates the capacitance regarding the change to the floor. The switch action is determined by calculating the obvious improvement in the capacitance. Cap sense technology can be used for different programs, such as :-

  •  Buttons: - The event of a button is always to figure out the presence or absence of an item that is conductive. An application that is typical of Capsense key is always to feel the current presence of a finger.
  •  Slider: - A slider is just a sensor range. Changes between adjacent capacitive elements are accustomed to determine the career of an object that is conductive.
  •  Touchpads: - The Capsense individual module will not help touchpads straight. Touchpads are implemented as two sliders that can be separated.
  •  Distance Sensors: - The Capsense user component doesn't help proximity detectors directly. A distance sensor is implemented being a Capsense button with a large Cp and the difference is certainly tiny.
  •  Touch: Finger
  •  Operating Temperature: -20oC to +85oC.
  •  Supply Voltage: 5-24 VDC
  •  Working Voltage: =50VDC
  •  Working Current/Power: =100mA
  •  Contact Resistance: 0.5~10 O
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