Membrane Keypads
FGIPL offers the best solution to our esteemed clients in various industries, we are manufacturer and exporting a wide stock of Membrane Keypads over the years.
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Membrane Keypads

FGIPL manufacture with modern mechanism under the guidance of our technical personnel, these have feathers touch keys. These are prepared of excellent quality material with the use of latest technology for superb performance and durability. With a vast array of technical specifications available the perfect solution can always be offered by Feather Graphics.

Flexible Keypad
Flexible membrane switches can bend, move and twist without damaging the conductor and used where flexibility is required. These switches have small size, thin thickness, light weight, shock resistant, abrasion resistant and convenient in installation and connection.

These keypads are installed on different machines for setting various parameters. Custom Membrane Keypads with its unmatched price is a sure choice of the industrialists.

PCB Based Keypad
These switches use a rigid circuit board in spite of using screen printed flex circuits and help in easy addition of other components like LED's and resistors and this can be achieved by applying a graphics layer directly onto a PCB. This is applicable in low shock and vibration applications Our Company has special design for manufacturing these rigid membrane switches.

This plastic-coated keypad is engraved with copper sheets and mechanically manufactured to support the electronics by using conductive pathways. This PCB Membrane Keypad is made with non conductive substrate and famous for its longevity and inexpensiveness. This product is offered at affordable pricing.